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Blood Pressure

Active ingredient: Telmisartan

A receptors blocker angiotensin II (AT1 type). Has a vasodilating and hypotensive effect. Does not show the properties of the agonist of angiotensin receptors, does not affect the state of ionic channels involved in the regulation of SSS. Does not inhibit ACE. Decreases both systolic and diastolic blood pressure without affecting the pulse rate. The start of antihypertensive action is in 3 hours, a steady decrease of the blood pressure is in 4 weeks after the start of the treatment. The duration of the hypotensive effect after a single intake is 24 hours.

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Micardis Product Description

Drug Uses

Micardis exerts an antihypertensive effect and is used for treating patients, diagnosed with essential hypertension. Micardis tablets reduce levels of the hormone aldosterone, which retains the salt and water in the body, thereby increasing blood pressure. The antihypertensive agent Micardis is also used as part of a prevention plan of cardiovascular disease in patients with high levels of blood sugar, suffered from a heart attack or stroke.

The dosage regimen should consider the antihypertensive response and overall health. Usually, not more than two Micardis 20mg tablets should be taken once a day. In many cases, one Micardis 20mg pill every 24 hours allows to effectively control blood pressure.

Missed Dose

If you remembered about a missed Micardis dose, you may take it immediately or skip this tablet, if it is almost time for your next dose of this antihypertensive agent.

More Information

The antihypertensive effect is achieved within 2-4 hours after the first intake of Micardis. The optimal therapeutic effect is reached after about 6 weeks of daily Micardis administration.


It is recommended to store Micardis in an original package to protect from light and moisture, at room temperature of 15°C to 30°C.

Micardis Safety Information


Micardis should not be taken during pregnancy. If the woman became pregnant, while taking Micardis pills, she must be prescribed alternative antihypertensive agents, having the desired profile of efficacy and safety in pregnancy.


The medical material about cardiovascular morbidity, provided in the review on Micardis, must be considered as information only. The information is not designed to replace medical consultation of the primary health care worker. The online pharmacy shall not be held liable for any damages, incurred as a consequence of using the information about the antihypertensive agent Micardis in the cardiovascular disease prevention.

Micardis Side Effects

Undesirable effects, caused by Micardis, are usually mild and passing. Changing the dosage regime of Micardis may be required, if any such undesirable effects manifest, like hypotension, headache, dizziness, and syncope. Using Micardis as part of the antihypertensive therapy may cause sinusitis, pharyngitis, back pain, diarrhea and upper respiratory tract infection. Less often, Micardis tablets cause fatigue, nausea, myalgia, abdominal pain, coughing, dyspepsia, peripheral edema, and chest pain.

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