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Product description

Brahmi is a perennial Indian plant known under the Latin name Bacopa monnieri. Ayurvedic healers use leaves and stems of this plant for herbal preparations. Brahmi belongs to herbages that increase vigilance, provide stimulatory effect and also function as effective sedatives.

The preparation is applied as a nerve tonic and natural aid for mental activity. Brahmi comprises chemicals able to positively influence the processes of thinking and learning. Certain sources provide evidence suggesting that this herbal product is helpful for muscle relaxation in the walls of blood vessels, respiratory tract, and small intestine. In some people, it demonstrates a tranquilizing and pain-relieving activity.

Healing practices based on Brahmi allow the user to treat asthmatic symptoms, hoarseness, and neural disorders. Brahmi renders the neurorestorative action affecting your nervous system on the deep level; it also shows good properties of a cardiotonic, diuretic, and purgative agent. This preparation effectively mitigates anxieties of the various profile, such as depressed moods and when the family life gets distressful.

How to take

If your Brahmi comes in the form of pills:

Ayurvedic healers suggest that you should ingest one to two pills of Brahmi on a daily basis. The preparation can be washed down with either water or milk.

If your Brahmi comes in the form of powder:

Use 200 mL of drinking water or milk to mix 1 teaspoonful of the herbal powder in it. Alternatively, use the dose indicated by your healthcare advisor. Do NOT store the prepared mixture nor make more of it for stock. Your preparations should always be freshly made.

If your Brahmi comes in the form of liquid extract:

Drink one or two caps of the extract twice a day. For improvement of thinking skills: continue using a Brahmi extract dose of 300 mg once a day for 12 weeks.

Brahmi should not be taken in doubled doses; therefore, handle missed doses in the following manner: take the omitted amount of the herb as soon as possible unless it is nearly time for you next intake. In this case, leave out the missed dose completely and go on with your usual dosing schedule.

This herbal product does not require special storage conditions. Keep it in a dry and dark place at regular room temperature. Ensure that children and pets have no access to the preparation.

Safety information

Observe extra caution when using Brahmi in people with hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure).

This preparation is not associated with specific contraindications. Alarming conditions include pregnancies or periods of breastfeeding a child. Gravid women and nursing mothers are recommended to have a preliminary consultation with their doctor.

Furthermore, check the compatibility of the herbal product with all your ongoing or planned pharmaceutical therapies.

Even though mild in its CNS action, this preparation offers sedation, and therefore might potentiate chlorpromazine’s effect. Avoid mixing it with neuroleptics and exercise caution when co-administering Brahmi with phenothiazine.

For use in children and elderly patients, a consultation with a qualified healthcare expert is required.

Side effects

Brahmi appears safe for most users when applied during short terms and in the correct constant doses. Possible side effects may include nausea, feeling of dryness in the mouth, and fatigue.

Brahmi has not been reported to have serious or severe side effects if administered appropriately.

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