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Hair Loss

Hair loss may become a huge problem for both men and women no matter at what age it happens. Numerous advertisements offer various remedies for coping with baldness, yet only some of them are really effective. Rogaine 2% solution or foam is one of them. Furthermore, it is the only medication approved by FDA for the treatment of hair loss.

Product description

The active component in Rogaine 2% is called Minoxidil. It is considered that this chemical enhances the blood supply to the hair follicles helping them to grow the hair. The medication is applied topically to the affected areas of the head. There are two kinds of the drug solution: for men and for women. They differ only in the color of the package because their composition is identical.

Rogaine 2% solution is effective for the treatment of male pattern baldness and thinning hair in women only if they are caused by genetics. In case the hair is lost because of some ailment or chemotherapy in cancer treatment, the drug is useless. It also doesn’t show any effect in restoring a receding hairline in men.

Safety information

People starting the therapy with Rogaine 2% should pay special attention to the contraindications of the medication application to avoid any other health troubles. Don’t use Rogaine 2% if you are:

  • Allergic to Minoxidil or any other ingredient of the remedy. Though reactions of hypersensitivity are extremely rare, you have to take that into consideration.
  • Pregnant. The influence of the drug on the fetus hasn’t been studied yet. Hence, you shouldn’t apply Rogaine 2% if you are an expectant mother.
  • Breastfeeding. Like in the situation with pregnant women, the impact of the medication is not known.
  • Currently using some other medication applied to the skin on the head. It may provoke some dangerous interaction, so you’d better avoid concomitant use of the two different drugs on the same area.
  • Suffering from irritation or head skin injury. In addition, you shouldn’t use Rogaine 2% if your scalp is red or swollen.
  • Suffering from any cardiological issues.

This list is not complete, so you’d better discuss the details with your doctor. It is also worth noticing that the effect of the treatment may be noticed in at least 4-6 months after the beginning of treatment. Furthermore, the hair keeps growing only while you use the medication. Once the therapy is abandoned, the hair starts to fall out.

Side effects

Treatment with Rogaine 2% doesn’t commonly lead to any adverse reactions. Nevertheless, every person tolerates the treatment differently. So, some of them may feel:

  • Headache, dizziness;
  • Lightheadedness;
  • Faintness, confusion;
  • Growth of hair on the face (in women);
  • Local allergic reaction (irritation);
  • Edema of hands and feet;
  • Pain in chest, racing heartbeat;
  • Fast weight gain.

Besides, your healthcare provider may inform you about some other possible adverse reactions. Follow the prescribed dosage recommendations to get the best results of treatment. Never exceed the dose without consulting your healthcare provider as it may result in overdose and increase the probability of side reactions appearance.

In case you experience any acute or severe adverse effects, turn for professional help promptly.

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